Through my work I take on the role of an anthropologist in order to separate myself from my community and analyze aspects of my hometown that are often overlooked and accepted as everyday life by its inhabitants. By approaching my community with a documentary perspective, I isolate events and locations that impact social, economic, and drug related issues of the area. Through my work, I bring light to issues that are known but never addressed by the community, while acknowledging that this is apart of everyday life.
I began this body of drawings by focusing on the environment in which these events take place. Absent of human life, I found myself considering the residue of the environment left behind from its in habitants. But I chose to switch my focus to the people who comprise this community. By identifying them as a subculture, I am able to analyze and separate them from their surroundings. isolating of these figures from their environment, I can then focus on their actions and demineer that in turn describes the community’s culture and influences of the environment itself.