In 2000 I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and OCD. Contrasting by nature, the two diagnoses have placed a constant struggle between order and chaos within me. My Tourettes manifests itself through uncontrollable body spasms while the OCD is evident through my need to touch or do things “x” amount of times or to a certain rhythm. Growing up with such ailments left me with the experiences of feeling trapped with in ones own body, the loss of control, and experience of isolation and feelings of one who wants to be hidden or hide aspects of ones self.

My work has become an exploration of such internal mental spaces. In my work I create an atmosphere of isolation through the use of minimal interiors in order to provoke a sense of psychological space. By using limited subject matter I erect interiors that project the open yet claustrophobic spaces of the constructed subconscious. The work in turn stimulates ideas of loss, psychological turmoil, the exploration of seclusion and emotive qualities of paint.